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People travel to get to work, to reach shopping locations, or to keep medical, dental or social appointments, which are primary activities. If people are able to spend less time traveling, they are able to spend more time pursuing preferred activities. Expanded mobility allows people to choose from a wider range of options and activities.

Faster travel on an interstate can bring more jobs within reach of employees and смотрите подробнее it possible for shoppers to take advantage of lower prices or larger selections that may be available at more remote locations. Additional time and expanded mobility are both products of the interstate highway system.

Where mobility improves, opportunity is expanded. Greater employment mobility serves not adderall buy the adderall buy, but also the employer and the economy. With a broader geographical range of jobs to choose from, employees are better matched to their employment, improving labor efficiency and productivity. All of this increases economic activity, and translates into a higher quality of life. This is so not only for Americans, but also people in other developed nations, where a close relationship has developed between expanded personal mobility and increasing affluence (1).

Personal mobility is both an economic перейти на страницу social asset.

NOTE 1: Especially western European nations. Democratization of mobility: The interstate highway system has facilitated an unprecedented expansion of mobility and in a democratic manner --- no adderall buy on earth can equal the mobility that is available to the overwhelming majority of Americans. More than any component of that system, the interstate highway system has expanded the options of people to travel within and between their communities. The interstate highway system provides the crucial express links that make it possible for people to reach virtually any point in their communities for employment or shopping, at whatever time they desire.

Expanded employment freedom: The interstate highway system has made it possible for people to pursue employment across far larger areas than before. People in previously isolated rural areas are now able to use the interstates to reach employment centers. Within urban areas, where interstate highways have reduced travel times up to 60 percent, the interstates make it possible for workers to travel relatively quickly to virtually any location for employment.

Expanded residential freedom: The interstate highway system has adderall buy a significant role in producing читать далее American dream of the single family house in the suburbs.

As the adderall buy highway system reduced travel time, people had broader options in residential location. At the same time, lower land prices adderall buy increasing affluence made larger dwellings possible, and the size of the average new house has increased by 40 percent over the last quarter century.

NOTE: Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1995 (Washington, DC: United States Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, Bureau of the Census, 1995). Multi-purpose trips: The improved mobility нажмите для продолжения by adderall buy interstates has supported a significant adderall buy in multi-purpose trips, especially adderall buy respect to work trips.

People regularly combine child care, shopping, and other trips with work trips, adderall buy valuable time available читать статью preferred activities.

Indeed, without the interstate highway system, the barriers to mobility adderall buy prevent some people from adderall buy a living, and require others to accept less lucrative employment. Empowerment of the poor: The combination of market priced (lower priced) gasoline and the interstate highway system have truly democratized mobility in the United States.

The large adderall buy of households, including households below the poverty line, have automobiles available and are thus able to access a broader range of employment, shopping, and other opportunities. Indeed, the poor in America generally have greater personal mobility adderall buy virtue of the automobile and the interstate highway system adderall buy many middle income households in developed nations where quality roadways are less extensive.

NOTE: Among developed nations, gasoline prices are closest adderall buy market prices in the United States. Most developed nations impose heavy taxes ссылка на страницу gasoline, raising adderall buy per gallon to double, triple or more the adderall buy of production.

As freedom of movement has expanded, people have been able to adderall buy further to shop. At the same time, large discount retailers have been established, placing further competitive pressure on prices. To compete, adderall buy local retailers have had to become more efficient. One of the most important reasons that people get more for their retail dollar today is that they have more options --- they are able to travel wherever they like for bargains or larger selections that would not be available if they were restricted to shopping opportunities in their own immediate areas.

And, because they rely on their own personal transportation, they are able to shop at whatever time they desire. This has adderall buy longer store hours, more efficient utilization adderall buy retail facilities, adderall buy created additional jobs. The interstate highway system has been a major contributor to this advance. Improved access to health care: The interstate highway system has improved the quality of health care. By making it possible adderall buy transport adderall buy in need of acute care to adderall buy much more quickly and over greater distances, the interstates have reduced mortality.

The interstate highway system also adderall buy access to specialists and specialized medical equipment for chronic care patients. Improved Air Quality: Interstate adderall buy contribute materially to the reduction of air pollution and, thereby, to improved health by permitting more consistent speeds and smoother traffic flows.

NOTE: Committee for the Study of Impacts of Highway Capacity Improvements on Air Quality and Energy Consumption, Transportation Research Board, National Research Council (Washington: National Academy Press, 1995). The "stop and go" traffic adderall buy of non-interstate roadways, increases air pollution by up to three times that of smoothly operating traffic, which adderall buy typical of most interstate highways.

NOTE: Steve Nadis and James Adderall buy. MacKenzie, Car Trouble (Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1993). Security: There is considerable concern about personal security in the United States. During the period that the interstate highway system was constructed, violent crime rates increased by more than five times.

People tend to feel safe from crime in their automobiles, and the interstate highway system has permitted people, especially women, to adderall buy travel longer distances at virtually any time of the day. Leisure activities and vacations: The broadened adderall buy provided by the interstate highway system has made it possible for people adderall buy take longer trips on weekends and during vacations.

This, in adderall buy, has generated a significant increase in highway related businesses, such as lodging establishments, restaurants, service stations, etc. Impact on National Defense One of the principal reasons for building the interstate highway system was to support national defense. When the system was approved --- during adderall buy of the most instable periods of the Cold War, national security dictated development продолжить an efficient national highway system that could move large numbers of military personnel and huge adderall buy of military equipment and supplies.

Even today, no constituent nation of the late Soviet Union has begun to develop such a comprehensive surface transportation adderall buy. In the post-communist world, it may be tempting to underestimate the role of adderall buy interstate highway system in adderall buy defense. But the interstate highway system continues to play a critical role.



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