Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness and bring in the harvest. We are at the end of the day and the earth is in dire straits because it will soon be over. As it poured the knowledge in to do the job it also showed its power in healing and many were miraculously cured of incurable diseases and addictions. The Spirit also healed our cat which had a huge abscess on its neck.

My son had broken his thumb that day and the message was to lay hands and pray and it would be healed. That is exactly what happened. As that message was delivered through a spiritual friend I asked about the cat and the swollen neck. The message was clear and concise. “Your animals are also precious. Lay hands and it will be healed.”

My son’s thumb was a mess when he was picked up from school. It was swollen, hanging loose and badly bruised. It had happened twice before and required plaster to hold it in place for several weeks but was never strong. This time a slight bang on the desk had broken it again. As we watched the thumb jerked a bit and retracted, the swelling went down, and the bruising disappeared. He returned to school within the hour completely healed.

That night my daughters were told about the event and the healing miracle. The cat was placed on the bed in front of them and the power worked another miracle. Within seconds the lump started weeping and the cat madly licked it paw to catch the substance that came out. An hour or so later there was no sign of the lump or the wound.

On another occasion when a visit to a friend’s house saw her little Chihuahua come up to me and put his paws on my knee. She told me she was making a trip to the vet because of the lump on the dog’s paw but when she tried to show it to me there was no sign of it. The dog was miraculously healed.

One day when leaving the house to visit someone the family dog, Boss, was missing. He always came when called but there was no response. Checking the house completely as well as the outside yards he could not be found. Asking the Spirit to look after him my visit could not wait and when locking the door behind me my concern was that he could not get in when he came back.

On my return some 2 hours later Boss ran to meet me inside when I opened the door. The Spirit had performed another miracle and had opened it to let the dog inside. True to its word the animals of those who are spiritual and close to God are precious and deserving of healing power.